RIP Joe Kubert. 1926-2012

I have never been good at memorials or eulogies, especially when it is some whose work inspires and excites me. It’s a daunting task, describing how someone you never had the fortune to meet and thank for their profound effect on the industry you love will be sorely missed. Joe Kubert passed away yesterday August 12, he was 85 years old only a few weeks short of his 86 birthday. A legend in the comics industry, Kubert was famous for the creation Tor with writer Norman Maurer, his long association with Hawkman and Sgt. Rock, and the founder of The Kubert School.

His career in comics began at the ripe old age of 12, or 10, or 13, depending on how the story was told. But the important part of the story always remained the same, Kubert’s love affair with comics began at an early age. One day I hope to own on of his works that isn’t a reprint. But even in those his pencils and line work brought to life characters like Sgt. Rock in such a way that you could feel the grime and dirt of WWII. 

He was an amazing artist who gave us some of the most memorable depictions of amazing characters. His sons Adam and Andy, are amazing comic book artists in their own right, and The Kubert School continues to strengthen his legacy. My thoughts go out to his Family and Friends. Joe Kubert will be missed, there is nothing more to say except, Thank you Joe.



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